⟅ About ⟆ Leon van Kammen micro devtrepeneur / web integration ninja from Europe


 The following projects are a glimpse of what I've worked on in the past (as lead dev, devops, architect or consultant, with a lot, a lot of passion).


app for design studio

Tags: Webapp, Smartphone, Tablet, HTML5, CSS5, offline caching, Sencha


app for apartment rental company in Budapest/Hungary

Tags: Webapp, Smartphone, Tablet, HTML5, CSS5, offline caching, Sencha


newsreader app for international newspaper 'Daily Times' at dailytimes.com.ng

Tags: Webapp, Smartphone, Tablet, HTML5, CSS5, offline caching, Sencha


Augmented reality app using layar technology. Used in the dutch area 'Nijkerk': all historical places can be viewed by using an smart/iphone and GPS. Point your cam to a place, and you will see a photograph of how it looked in the past.

Tags: JSON, Layar, iphone app, augmented reality


Online Distributed Databaseservice SaaS which aggregates with booking.com, expedia, easytobook and so on. See bookingmanager.com.

Tags: Opensource, Business, SaaS/SaaP-strategies, bookingsystem, Made, Sutra, IT Managing, Teamprogramming, Custom API's, Cloud Data synchronization and replication, Expedia, Booking.com


App + backend delivering Augmented reality. A digital 3D tree which you can walk around is planted somewhere. Viewers can look up where the leaf is going on a specially created google maps page.

Tags: Business, SaaS/SaaP-strategies, Layar, Augmented Reality, Art, weather WIND-api


Site made for famous american video artist Vello Virkhaus (he did musicvideos for Black Eyed Peas, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Sting, Coldplay, Korn to name a few). The site is made in 100% actionscript, and connected to a custom PHP backend. Cool feature: ability to upload videos by just emailing to the backend.

Tags: gs: Flash CS5, Actionscript 3, XML, PHP custom backend, video-email-to-website-doorway, OO, whitebox testscripts, twitter-api, facebook-api, vimeo-api

Playterm screencast platform

Project launched by myself. This site provides an youtube alternative for programmers. Screencasts delivered using 100% vanilla javascript (which was quite a big deal in that time because Flash was dominating the web). Several companies showed interest in an enterprise tool. First media exposure got 60.000 unique visitors on one day.

Tags: gs: PHP, Javascript, MySQL, Perl, whitebox testing, embeddable videoplayer, HTML5, CSS3

SUTRA framework

I donated this framework to the opensource community. I've used this framework for many of my clients.

Tags: gs: PHP, content-management, hierarchical tree-structures in SQL, front-end editing, Javascript, Mysql, bashscript, svn

EZ LOOPER: Live Loop Player

EZ Looper is an (OpenSource) C++ application built for djs and livemusicians. It was originally intended to control it with the MIDIMAN DM2 controller. It uses the FMOD audio engine, used in commercial games like World of Warcraft & Guitar Hero, enables realtime dj effects (pitching/bending/VST) on any WAV/MP3. It has been used for an audience of +/- 2500 people =]

Tags: C++, FMOD, dj application

NEZART PHP Procedural Art Generator

The NEZART generator is a coop between Artists Roy Gerritsen (www.boompje.com), Tim Gerritsen (www.mannetje.org) and me. The idea was to try to generate art according to some subset of design rules. Of course, this ended up in some nice unpredictable art. Its still beta, but we are able to generate lots of cool art.

Tags: PHP5, GDLib, creative, wild

BATS- and BLOP-ENGINE:: c++ 3D OpenGL engines

The blopengine is 3D c++ framework donated to the Opensource community.

Tags: C++, OpenGL


A C++ audioplugin to solve a common problem in music production: muddy sound summing. Another challenge was, to write the plugin in a way, so I could release a VST- AND Buzz- plugin at once.

Tags: C++, DSP, Audio engineering

C64 INTRO: Introx @ MAINparty

Commode 64 demo-application made with swedish developer Erim, Tim Gerritsen and Daniel Maters in Marseille (France) at the 'MAIN' computerarts festival.

Tags: chiptune, hackathon, live programming


My site about my work as dj, producer and remixer.

Tags: Github, Blog, Markdown, PHP5, Javascript, MySQL

PEP: C++ crossplatform boilerplate

After writing the same C++ 'startup' code again and again, I thought it was time for some automation. With these commandline tools, one can easily generate code, and start coding the 'fun' stuff.

Tags: utility to speed up development

2Visual CMS

Content Management System written for the company '2visual'.

Tags: PHP, MySQL, template engine, page editing, modular extendable, database manager, debugging functions, assertions, easy mailing of forms, logging, xml & configuration.

Stalker BOT: AI (RO)BOT

Artificial Intelligence Bot which connects to social networks, and performs commands & converstations. implementd ALICE speech-intelligence system.

Tags: AI, Alice, Social media


I was asked to add multiple language functionality, no problem!

Tags: AS3, multilanguage, Helping out Extran


Maya Calendar (Tzolkin) which can go back into time infinitely.

Tags: PHP5, Javascript, XML, Maya tzolkin calendar system

fractals in OpenGL C++

Building a fractal is one of the things programmers feel urged to do. There I said it. Built with Tim Gerritsen at the MAINparty hackathon in Marseille.

Tags: hackathon, MAIN, fractal, Marseille

BOPPack: resource bundler C++

This tool 'bakes' a zipfile into one single .EXE file.

Tags: win32 programming, portability

Camera Export: 3DMAX script

Instead of creating 3d animations manually by using splines, we needed to be able to export camera-chases in 3D MAX.

Tags: 3d max rendering, animation

Gogbot Feeling: OpenGL C++ Screensaver

Next to fractals, a screensaver is one of those things every developer needs to create at least once in his lifetime.

Tags: C++, OpenGL

IXXXI watches Flex site

Site in Flex / Flash Actionscript 3. Made @ IZI Services.

Destiny Flex site

Site in Flex / Flash Actionscript 3. Made @ IZI Services.

Dtone Flex site

Site in Flex / Flash Actionscript 3. Made @ IZI Services.

Restaurantagenda BookingPlatform

Reservationsystems for restaurants. Multi-restaurant SaaS-platform which allow customers to easily book a table online. The AI algorythm will choose the best tables and position (nearby window, in the back etc).

Tags: IZI Services, PHP, Javascript, reminder SMS, Mollie API, AJAX

T-rings Satellite site

Subwebsites of ringtone society (see below) where users can download the ringtones for your mobile device.
Techniques: PHP/MySQL/Flash/Javascript.

Tags: IZI Services

Ringtonesociety Ringtone site

Site where people can download ringtones.
Techniques: PHP/MySQL/Flash/Javascript.

Tags: IZI Services

Wisdom generator

This email service generates wise sayings which dont make sense at all. NLP experiment.


Funkerman Widgets Social Network Site-widgets

What are widgets? Widgets can be a confusing term when it comes to the internet domain. This was a small FLASH application, which lives on a facebook page. I made several of these for my client Funkerman of Flamingo Recordings.

Tags: Flash AS3, XML, myminis, Social marketing

Meditation in Utrecht meditation site

This site is an SEO friendly site made in PHP. The goal of the site was to make it extremely simple to be extremely SEO (Search Engine Optimizations) friendly.


Blogsite made with a PHP framework (SUTRA), which resulted in a blog system which was faster and easier to use than wordpress.

Tags: Sutra framework, PHP5, Javascript, Blog, Backend

2WEBAPP webapp site (own project)

webapp hostingsite & developmentplatform.

Tags: Build your own webapp-within-some-clicks -platform

BATSBOY.COM microblog

artist microblog incl. email-to-social-paginas connection

Tags: Sutra framework, PHP5, Javascript, Blog, Backend

EZLOOPAZ.COM microblog

artist microblog incl. email-to-social-paginas connection

Tags: Sutra framework, PHP5, Javascript, Blog, Backend

STAGHOCKEY seo optimalisation

Did some SEO/Google optimalisations for the worldwide famous hockeystick brand

Tags: Flash Actionscript deeplinking, SEO, custom PHP SEO Backend

TC'T HAAGJE seo optimalisation

Did some SEO/Google optimalisations for a dentists collective site

Tags: WordPress, SEO