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Easiest way to share files from Crouton to Chromeos

Hi! In this post I'm discussing the easiest way to share files of my Ubuntu crouton with Chromeos.

The problem

Files in my crouton home-folder are not exposed to Chromeos. I want to be able to use Gimp, and use that file in my Chromeos or Android Apps.

Solutions i tried

Solution Result
SSH mount using the chromeos file-manager Cumbersome, also seemed buggy with some chromeos apps (Caret-T)
Put file in ~/Downloads folder Cumbersome, and results in messy ~/Downloads. Temporary files get backed up by google (large videofiles etc)

My favorite solution

Just put this in `/etc/rc.local’

for i in $FOLDER/*; do 
  mount --bind "$i" "/media/removable/USB Drive/$FOLDER/$(basename "$i")" 

don’t forget to replace ‘yourusername’ with..well..your username



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