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Keeping Social Innovation Real (selfaccelerating social innovation accelerator vol4)

Hi! In this ramble I will share my thoughts on, how the corporate- and social innovation-world could be shaped, using softwareworld-practices. I tried to answer the question: "How to design an selfaccelerating SI co-creation accelerator, like a fractal", without having in-depth knowledge about SI at all :)


The above illustrated cyclic flow (or parts of it) could happen thru human interaction and/or software. Therefore, a house with people could also simply represent a database.

Stop black/white thinking

As Peter Wolkowinski pointed out to me:

“In siliconvalley/opensource softwareworld there’s no such thing as true failure.”

Technology is just technology, which people can make better, faster, stronger. Today’s failure is tomorrow’s improvement. Therefore, people in the softwareworld are very tolerant to things going wrong:

Software development is cyclical, not linear

How does the softwareworld do this?

Simple, in opensource softwareworld, a project doesn’t have an public start/end, it has :

Participants in total are responsible for a project’s:

Inspired by

This article has been greatly inspired by talks with the wonderful people of:

Credits: Arjan Biemans, Erna Bosschart, Bonno Pel, Kaat Peters, Liisa Joutsenjarvi, Christoph Grud, Ivan Kepecs, Oscar Racke, Anne Paavolainen, Peter Wolkowinski, Jonas Bylund, Peter van de Glind, and probably a lot of people I forgot.

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