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Social Innovation licenses to accelerate trust (selfaccelerating social innovation accelerator vol3)

Hi! In this ramble I will share my thoughts on, how the corporate- and social innovation-world could be shaped, using softwareworld-practices. I tried to answer the question: "How to design an selfaccelerating SI co-creation accelerator, like a fractal", without having in-depth knowledge about SI at all :)


The above illustrated cyclic flow (or parts of it) could happen thru human interaction and/or software.

Business vs non-business

The softwareworld has shown that opensource benefits both business- and non-business world. A possible explanation could be the use of licenses. The SI-world could be streamlined similarly, if it would simply apply 2 types of licenses to SIC’s:

license 1: VP (viral permissive)


All SIC’s derived from a SIC with a viral permissive license, would automatically become virally permissive. A VP basically means: everything will be- and stay in the public domain. Everybody in the SI domain can read, re-use data of SIC’s. One could argue that people could abuse/ignore this license, but in reality (the softwareworld) this would be too embarrassing.

license 2: SP (semi-permissive license)


This license would allow companies to monetize on another SIC. There are many cases why SI participants would want to use an SP license:

Why it works

One can’t turn license 1 into 2 and vice versa. Therefore every good idea will have an open and closed version (think androidphones and apple phones). Example:

Whatever business is going to monetize on a SIVP-licensed SIC, it has to keep its data/modifications available to the public domain.

Another one:

how to keep SI accelerators healthy

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Inspired by

This article has been greatly inspired by talks with the wonderful people of:

Credits: Arjan Biemans, Erna Bosschart, Bonno Pel, Kaat Peters, Liisa Joutsenjarvi, Christoph Grud, Ivan Kepecs, Oscar Racke, Anne Paavolainen, Peter Wolkowinski, Jonas Bylund, Peter van de Glind, and probably a lot of people I forgot.

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