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The child, the innovator, and the perfectionist in tech industry

Children and beginners have a naturally ability to be fearless.

What makes children powerful

Beginners have one big advantage: no internal commentary. They have empathy, and look up to perfectionists...

Bash Coffeescript ES6 and the curly religion

Looking back at the rise of ES6 transpilers, I can't help myself seeing the rise of an 'curly religion' vs 'other'. Time for a rant.

The curly religion

C/C++ is the r...

ohmygraph! Nodejs and backbone with less backbone

Hi! In this post I'm showing you ohmygraph! an ORM for rest.

UPDATE: It ...

Open API Specs vs Patent / Intellectual Property schizophrenia

Hi! In this post I'm playing with the some ideas concerning ope...